PeopleStreme Talent Profiling software helps you conduct a talent identification process by finding suitable skills, experience and knowledge in your existing talent pool, in seconds. Key benefits of Talent Profiling include immediate electronic reporting, support for Talent Day processes, no more spreadsheets or paper shuffling. Simplify Talent Identification - Find Your People, Know your People - and drive development by Talent Pool.

Talent Library

Resume Search

Instantly search for skill, experience and knowledge via a resume Search. For example, "Project Management Skills" & "railway knowledge" & "BHP".

Key Criteria Search

Instantly Search the entire Talent Pool for specific skills, experience and knowledge based on specific criteria. For example, who has worked in project management for more than 5 years and is an expert on managing railway project and has worked for BHP for more than 5 years.

Talent Search

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Assemble Project Teams Faster

With this type of information, you can assemble project teams quickly, with the right levels of experience in a very short amount of time.

Find Expertise internally

Find expertise internally that you never knew you had and reduce recruitment fees.

Talent Search

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Improve Client Satisfaction

If you have the best people with the right levels of expertise on the project, client satisfaction should increase. Why compromise clients outcomes because you can identify the talent that already works for you.

     Employee Engagement