PeopleStreme Candidate Management software can be deployed in as little as 2-14 days. It can also be integrated with our other human capital systems to support your candidate management process, for example Talent Management and eLearning. Our Candidate Management software can be hosted at the client site or hosted in our data centre.

Recruitment Management System Roadmap

PeopleStreme's Recruitment and Candidate Management System has been developed to from the ground up to help manage the workforce. The system did not start as a payroll or or some other financial management system and was not designed to manage money to begin with. This means that a roadmap exists to help organisations use the data in the RMS with other PeopleStreme Human Capital software modules. For example :

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Onboarding Module
This module helps new hires to engage with the organisation by publishing some of their hobbies, interests and job specialities internally to the business. The information then becomes searchable to the rest of the organisation and helps to quickly locate specialists in a range of disciplines or people with similar interests

Shared Position Description Library
By integrating our PD Library module, the HR department is able to use the existing PD framework when placing job advertisements, thereby saving time and creating a more efficient process. The library can be added to or maintained by the HR department at any time and can be configured to suit the existing HR process and PD framework.

Performance Management
Our world class Performance Management system is able to be integrated to help identify potential new hire within the existing organisation. By maintaining historical performance data for existing employees, it becomes much easier to identify existing employees who are top performers and already know the organisation.

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Talent Management
Employee Engagement, Career Pathing, Retirement Risk and Unexpected Turnover can all be integrated through our Talent Management module. This helps to manage many of the higher level issues as to why we the organisation needs to recruit in the first place. This module can therefore help reduce the need to hiring new staff by being able to report on existing problems within the organisation, which cause employees to leave in the first place.

In Team Succession Planning
Our automated software searches the entire organisation for potential successors for any role. The search is conducted by searching across a range of factors such as Mobility, Qualifications, Performance and so on and displays a short list of potential successors within seconds. The short list can then be used to find a suitable successor for the role which would otherwise be filled with a new hire.

Workforce Planning
Our Workforce Planning module helps organisations to develop scenarios and do What If analysis down to individual team level. The ultimate prize is being able to determine how many new hires are required after it is understood how many employees are leaving to go to competitors, what the available pool of talent is within the industry and outside the industry, whether the organisation is growing or shrinking and so on.

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Turnover Analytics
If employees do end up leaving your organisation our Turnover Analytics module let's you present an anonymous survey to find out why they left. It is extremely expensive and time consuming to continually hire a large amount of staff into particular teams when the issue is really a lack of understand of why employees are leaving.

The above modules are available to be added and integrated to the PeopleStreme RMS at any time and may be added singly or in groups, as your organisation requires them. Please call us to discuss your specific needs and to organise demonstrations or quotations.

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