You are striving to drive business performance by innovating new product and services lines, building new markets, defending existing customers, increasing margins and retaining your best people. You have access to the best you can afford in business performance systems, "raw materials, production technologies, machinery and equipment".

But in a global marketplace, your supply chain is commoditised and your competitors have the same systems, if not better. Your key differentiator has changed for all time and it is now your people.

Your people are the opposite. They are highly differentiated, hard to quantify, hard to manage and hard to engage for maximum value.

6 Strategic Management Techniques

1. Employee performance management allows you to cascade financial, operational and critical businesswide objectives. This enables your managers to align employees to the KPI's your organisation needs to achieve. Instant reporting means managers can immediately identify and deal with underperformance .

2. Goal and objective consultation helps your business managers achieve their operating and strategic plans. Research has shown about 80% of them can't create goal alignment without help. Most software tools don't do this on their own, in much the same way as spreadheets need skilled people to build complex financial models. In a workshop format, managers can start to establish crucial staff KPI's and start to tap into the 20%-30% latent employee capacity in your entire workforce.

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3. Talent management profiling systems help identify key people such as your future leaders, employees who are critical to your operations, the likelihood a keyperson will resign unexpectedly in the next year and much more. Nobody currently collects this critical data for you because it is not financial in nature.

Talent Search

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4. Engagement surveys tell you which parts of your business have broken people and why. By running an online anonymous survey, you can discover hotspots and identify issues such as poor leadership, misaligned pay scales, high keyman attrition and so on.

5. ERecruitment systems allow you to start building a pool of resumes for critical roles. This is market intelligence. Rather than paying exorbitant fees to executive recruiters, you can start collecting your own information about future employees and tap them on the shoulder when you are ready.

6. Online employee communication systems help you get the message out to all employees, all the time. Employees subscribe (or are subscribed by you) to communication "channels" and you can post audio and video files for them all to view. It is very quick and very easy and removes ambiguity about what you are trying to achieve.

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Your CFO Can't Report on Strategic Execution

Get Instant Reporting on your employee and manager performance on the things you need, not just what's easy to report. Real time business performance reporting helps you manage Strategic Execution with full visibility.

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