PeopleStreme 360 Degree Evaluation software is an online service hosted by PeopleStreme which supports your Talent Management process. Our software supports a customisable set of 360 Evaluation questions to suit your organisations unique style for Performance Management. It helps improve manager competencies, employee engagement and is matched to your culture and strategic plan. Features include :

  • Hosted by you on your Intranet or hosted by us
  • Simple IT implementation
  • Central Control Panel provides simple net based progress tracking and follow up
  • Sophisticated reports for 360 survey subjects and overall reports for all subjects
  • Email driven, quick to deliver, no more paper shuffling
  • Fully statistical reporting by question, group and respondent group
  • Printed or PDF reports


  • Easy for respondents and administrators
  • Self configurable questions provides maximum flexibility
  • Reduced time to complete for managers and admin
  • Detailed individual and reports for each subject provides a rich basis for development, organisation design and strategy planning
  • Statistics can be generated at organisational level by division or department, as well as by question groups

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Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 or later
  • Microsoft 2000 Server IIS
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft Access database

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